Featured Business Volume 12: Computer Repair IT Services & Learning

Your Business Name: Computer Repair IT Services & Learning327

Name of owner: Joel Collinsworth

Business Phone:815-395-0820

Hours: M-F 9:00 am to 8:00 pm


Year Established: 2007

Brief Description of the business:  I created “Computer Repair” by merging my education and hobby. My degree is in economics, and I learned IT both as a hobby and experience working in aerospace machining. My business continues as a repair service but has also opened a second location and expanded into workshops, web-design, marketing and multimedia, and social network coaching. On top of all of that I must keep up with emerging technology and trends related to computing such as the smart phone escalation from gadget to “must have” technology.

What is the best advice anyone has ever given you about business? “Don’t buy things unless you know how they’ll be paid for.”

As a business owner, why do you feel buying locally is important to our community? Buying local is the best way for businesses to ensure economic revitalization. I want local customers, so I buy locally when I can. Unfortunately a lot of things I need for my business are not local or are too costly. I advertise with TV 23.2 on Antenna TV. The station deserves a lot of local praise for that ad program.

Give us a fun or unique fact about your business: Occasionally I work at all hours of the day or night so sometimes I write my best ad copy while still in my pajamas.

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