Featured Business Volume 9: Ads or Tails

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Description: AdsOrTails allows Rockford-area consumers the chance to win gift cards and earn unique coupons in exchange for learning about and providing feedback to Rockford-owned businesses.

What do you love about Winnebago County OR why did you choose Winnebago County to start your business? Winnebago County is the home my business partner and myself and we have quite a few friends that own their own business so it was an ideal location to start ours. What we love most of all about Winnebago County is the people. Residents here care about each other, care about their community, and have a desire to make their community better with more family-friendly events, increase in cultural activities, and beautify the downtown area.

As a business owner, why do you feel buying locally is important to our community? Buying local is vital to the development and progress of our community and local economy because the dollars spent buying local vs. at a nationwide corporation/franchise have an exponential impact as they remain local.

Give us a fun or unique fact about your business: Mid-June we placed 3rd (highest placement of a Rockford-based company) in a regional startup “Shark Tank” competition organized by EIGERlab.

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