How to Support Local this Holiday Season

Happy holidays to you and yours from Winnebago Buy Local! As we roll into the holiday shopping season, things are looking a little different this year. With so many Winnebago County businesses struggling, we’re getting asked “how can I help?”  Well, that’s what we’re here to talk about! So here are a few tips on how you can be supportive of small business in this current shopping climate.



  • Follow them on social media. Many local businesses are publishing their holiday plans on Facebook and Instagram. It’s the best way to stay up to date with their sales, specials, and protocols to make sure you can stay safe while supporting local. Our directory will guide you to each business’s social media pages.


  • Follow the rules. We understand that masks aren’t fun, limited capacities might impact your shopping schedule, and social distancing might mean the shelf with the gift you’re eyeing may not be immediately available. But our local businesses are following state and federal guidelines for the safety of us all. They didn’t make the rules, but they’re tasked with enforcing them. Please be respectful to our local workers.


  • Be patient. Many businesses in Winnebago County have had to make staff cuts to survive this year. Which means it might take them longer to help you, at the checkout line, or answer the phone. We’re all doing our best and patience and kind words mean a lot to us. We see so many friendly and patient folks supporting our local businesses and for this, we are SO grateful!


  • Tell your friends. Encourage your friends and family this year to support local. Big online retailers have done just fine in 2020, but our original, grassroots, local businesses are challenged with new logistics at every turn. Every purchase matters, but especially this year.


That’s it! Just 5 simple steps to supporting our Winnebago County businesses in this holiday shopping season. Make a list. Follow them on social. Be respectful and patient. And finally, tell your friends.


If you’re hesitant to go out shopping, gift cards make for an awesome present AND they support local businesses. So whether you’re heading out to the stores, or buying online locally. There’s a way you can help ensure our local businesses succeed this holiday season.


Have fun and be safe!

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