Local Businesses Need You!

It’s no secret that the pandemic and economic shut down has been hard on everyone. But it hit our local small businesses especially hard. As many major retailers and large companies stayed open, our local small businesses were forced to close. Still today, August 15th 2020, many are closed or at a highly reduced capacity. Owners are working 100 hour weeks while being forced to lay off staff, many of whom are looked at as family.

Talk to any small business owner and you’ll hear a mixed tone of hope and despair. They’re hopeful that they’ll make it through. They’ve been trying new things, adapting, and working harder than ever to keep their dream alive. However, with all of the uncertainty around the future it can be hard to stay positive. They’re looking for any hope of stability, and every token of appreciation goes a long way.

Rockford, as a community, has done an AMAZING job supporting our small businesses. But the fight is far from over. So we have a few things that you can do to help support your favorite local places and people.

What Can I Do?

1) Hit the Share Button (and like. and comment.)

Social media is the number one way small businesses get the word out. And every platform loves when people like, comment, and share on posts. So doing something as simple as liking a post, leaving a comment, or sharing it to your feed can go a long ways toward helping that local business reach someone in need of their services

2) Reach Out to Say “Hi!”

Local business owners have been working hard. And the amount of stress they endure every day can be soul crushing. Hearing from a customer and friend can go a long way to lifting their spirits. It doesn’t have to be a phone call. An email, Facebook Message, or Instagram DM will do the trick as well. Receiving a simple, “Hey there, thinking of you. How you doing?” would be the highlight of the day.

3) Use and Recommend Their Products/Services

I feel like this is the obvious one, but I’m going to say it anyways. A lot of small businesses are struggling to make end’s meet. Every dollar counts and goes towards keeping the doors open. By making the extra effort to drive a few more minutes or spend a couple dollars more, you’re helping to support your neighbors and community. If they’re currently closed for COVID, you can purchase a gift card. Last, but certainly not least, are recommendations. Send your friends and family to check out your favorite places – ESPECIALLY if they’ve never been there before. Local businesses need the support of the whole community now more than ever. Introducing a couple friends to somewhere they’ve never been can help that business owner hold on for a few more days.

Stay Strong, Rockford

That’s it. Just a few small things that make a big impact on our local community. It’s our small businesses that make Rockford a unique and special place to live. They provide so much of the soul of our city. And now they need us to help keep them alive.

Stay strong, Rockford. We’ll all get through this together.

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