National Small Business Week, How will you celebrate?


May 12-16th is National Small Business Week. What is National Small Business Week? National Small Business Week is a national recognition event to honor United States entrepreneurs each year.

We want to encourage you on the LOCAL LEVEL to support your local businesses this week, and every week. Show them you care by patronizing their businesses and telling others about their businesses as well.

This week, the White House published a statistic on their blog that said, “This country’s 28 million small businesses create nearly two out of three jobs in our economy, so we can’t have a conversation about creating jobs and economic growth in America without talking about ways to support our entrepreneurs.” They make a valid point.

Our goal with Winnebago Buy Local is to help create resources and opportunities for our small LOCAL businesses, and create more public awareness of why buying local is so important and vital in transforming our community.

Buying local can better our local economy by maintaining our distinctive local culture and community spirit. If you think about it, Winnebago County is different than anywhere else in the world BECAUSE of our LOCAL businesses. Buying local creates better/more jobs, and returns more money into our community for parks, playgrounds, school, police and fire. Buying local helps build morale of a community. It overall benefits our entire county as a whole. Buying local is about the bigger picture.

Lets all work to celebrate our small LOCAL businesses this week, and continue it throughout the month, and the year, and the next 100 years. We can do this together; we need your help and participation!

Which small LOCAL businesses will you be supporting in honor of National Small Business Week?

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