Reaching Lost Customers

Understatement of the century coming at you… the past 15 months have been rough. We all went into survival mode. We all did our best. However, in doing our best we all lost customers along the way. Mostly due to things that were 100% out of our control. With the economy beginning to bounce back, we want to do what we can to get those lost customers back. To find them and give them a reason to pay us a visit and support our business. So here are a few ideas to help you do that.

1. Make Sure Your Online Info is Current

Most of us have had to switch up our hours and the way people interact with us. Take a little time now to review your website, Google listing, and social media pages to ensure all of your info is up-to-date. This includes the hours that you’re open, your address, phone number, email, and links to your social media pages. And be sure to update your MySpace page too.

2. Make It Easy for People to Contact You

Maybe you aren’t a fan of Facebook Messenger. Maybe you never listed an email address or phone number for you business before. In today’s time, they who respond first gets the business. So in an effort to rebuild and recapture some of those lost customers, make it easy for them to contact you. Make sure you’re responding in a timely fashion to Facebook, Instagram, and any other social platform you’re on. Consider adding an email address or phone number for those that prefer that method of communication. Maybe invest in a flock of courier pigeons, owls, or ravens. You get my point.

3. Announce Improvements

We’ve all worked hard this past year and we’ve spent a lot of that work improving on how our business operates. But have you told your customers?! People love behind-the-scenes content. They love watching people and things grow and change. So give them an inside peek into what’s been happening. Invite them to come experience the “new you” and get some of your top fans buzzing to their friends about the changes you’ve made.

4. Give Them an Incentive

Last, but not least, is give them a reason to come back. That reason could be a sale or special. It could be the return of a favorite menu item or drink. It could even be a small event. The key here is to give them something to look forward to when they come back to your business. Of COURSE they’re excited to see your face, but imagine if they get to see your face AND experience something fun and unique. Now THAT’S a cause for excitement and a cause to make a pitstop.


Now get out there and start searching for those lost customers! You could always employ a net or some fancy snare trap, but these four tips are much easier to implement and don’t require a trip to the hardware store. Good luck to all of us in 2021, the best is yet to come.


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